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Which Cars Have The Cheapest Car Insurance in The USA?

If you’re a car owner then you will be more than familiar with all the costs that come with that ownership. Whether it’s state fees, breakdown repairs, tires, fuel or a broken windscreen the expenses seem to be virtually endless. Car insurance is yet another cost to add to the list. Thankfully there is a great deal of insurance companies fighting for business making it easier for customers to lock in a competitive rate. But are all cars created equal when it comes to the insurance premiums they attract? The good news is no they’re not.

For those currently shopping around for a new vehicle and those of you who will do so in the future, it pays to learn which cars have the cheapest car insurance. Not only does it pay to know this because it can reduce the cost of car ownership, but it will also help you avoid the kinds of vehicles that for one reason or another attract extremely hefty premiums.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at three cars that you can protect for less.

1. Jeep Wrangler

The Jeep Wrangler Sport is one of the cheapest vehicles to insure in part due to its low cost repairs should the car ever be damaged. Despite the two-door Wrangler looking as though it should be taken off-road, these sporty SUVs rarely are driven this way keeping the number of claims in check and subsequently premiums are able to remain low.

2. Honda Odyssey

Only marginally dearer to cover than the Jeep Wrangler is the Honda Odyssey LX. This elegant people mover is popular amongst families, and with children aboard drivers tend to be more cautious on the road. This safe driver history reduces claim rates and in turn keeps premiums on the low side.

3. Jeep Patriot

Jeep holds not one but two spots in the three most affordable cars to insure, this time it’s the Jeep Patriot Sport sitting only a whisker more above the cost of covering the Honda Odyssey. Like the Wrangler, despite the Patriot’s off-roading capabilities very few drivers are using the car in this fashion and therefore there is no spike in claims or insurance rates.

There you have it, the three cheapest cars to insure in the USA. In terms of the opposite end of the scale, it comes as no surprise that the most expensive vehicles to insure are luxury cars and those types of sports cars that are extremely powerful and costly to repair. Unless you have very deep pockets it’s best to avoid these models.

There are of course no set premiums for any given vehicle due to variances between cities such as crime rates involving theft of motorcars, weather conditions and the average driver age which insurance companies need to take into account. However, by choosing a car that begins with a favorable insurance rate you will certainly be on your way to a more affordable deal, and that’s why it’s worth thinking carefully about the next model car you choose.

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