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Top three tips to help reduce the cost of car insurance

Many citizens of the United States are confronted each year with the costs of automotive insurance and in some cases these costs are rising. So many of us alike need to reduce the cost of our insurance so we can continue to enjoy our vehicles. At we understand the need to try to reduce the costs of insurance and we try to assist you with reducing this cost across many states, simply select your state and we will find the cheapest insurers for you.

Here are a few tips that may help you adjust your policy or the way that you use your motor vehicle in order to get a cheaper price for you automotive insurance.

Tip #1

Request higher deductibles (also known as excess) from your insurer. Simply put, if you offer to pay a larger amount if a claim is required, your insurer may deduct a price from your monthly and therefore overall insurance premium. Depending on how financial stable you are, increasing your deductible can reduce your insurance premium by up to 45%. If you can afford to offer a higher lump of money if you make a claim, it could be very much so worth offering them this larger chunk. However it would not be advised if you cannot afford to pay this amount or if you feel you are likely to be involved in a large amount of claims.

Tip #2

If you have not yet purchased a motor vehicle and are looking at prices of insuring a vehicle then it is important to understand that different vehicles will cost different amounts to insure. Again if you visit our site you will be able to find the cheapest insurance premiums in your state. Factors you may not consider when choosing a car and how insurance price is determined on those vehicles are factors such as how frequently those vehicles are stolen, how often they are targeted by radar guns, the safety features the vehicles have and even the cost of parts to repair the vehicle. Do your research, if these stats are low or high corresponding to a positive outcome then the cost of the insurance premium will be lower.

Tip #3

Evaluate and calculate the mileage you predict to make using your previous year’s mileage experience. Many insurers provide discounts for lower mileage insurance policy holders as they simply use the vehicle less so are less likely to need to make a claim. Different insurers have a different calculation for their low mileage discounts and some have different thresholds on what they consider low mileage but if you believe you may have a low mileage in comparison to other road users then let the insurer know and you may qualify for low mileage discounts. If you use our site you will be able to contact the insurers and let them know if you have a low mileage also.

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