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How Much is Car Insurance on a Mercedes?

Buying a Mercedes might be a dream come true for you, but you must also realize that there are expenses tied to owning a luxury vehicle. One of these extra expenditures that you have to deal with is car insurance. Have you asked yourself: “how much is car insurance on a Mercedes?” The rates would differ depending on the state you are residing and the car insurer, but one thing is for sure — it is not cheap.

Reasons why Mercedes Insurance is Expensive

Perhaps the best reason why luxury cars like a Mercedes commands exorbitant insurance rates is the cost of repairing these vehicles. Parts of luxury cars are so expensive, usually in the hundreds of dollars range. Car insurers know for a fact that repairing a Mercedes would cost that much. Thus it is not surprising that they charge high charges on this type of car.

The other explanation why you would have to pay a higher insurance premium for your Mercedes is the obvious fact that the car is so expensive. Thus when your car gets stolen, the costs of replacing it would reach the six figure mark.

If you are interested in getting a cheap answer to your question- how much is car insurance on a Mercedes then consider these suggestions.

How to Find Cheaper Insurance

One of the best ways to qualify for a cheap Mercedes insurance is to have a good credit score. Start cleaning up your finances. Pay your credit card bills. If a car insurer can see that you are responsible with your obligations then there’s a good chance your luxury car will get low insurance rates.


Likewise, if your Mercedes has a good number of security features like traction control then it may qualify for a cheaper rate. Keep in mind that insurers look at the risks of a vehicle figuring in an accident. So if your Mercedes has numerous safety features that can reduce the risks of a car crash, it may command a lower premium.

So how much is car insurance on a Mercedes? The reality is that the rates are very prohibitive wherever state you might be in.  Still, it doesn’t mean you can’t get a lower price for your Mercedes’ insurance.

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