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How Much is Car Insurance on a Corvette

Buying a luxury car like a Corvette is a dream for many motorists. For budget-conscious individuals like you, however, buying an expensive car like that can also give birth to more headaches. Insurance for this car is very prohibitive. Instead of wondering how much is car insurance on a Corvette, you might want finding a car insurer that offers the most reasonable rate on Corvette car insurance.

Tips on Saving on Car Insurance

Insuring a Corvette could double or even triple the car insurance premiums that you would typically pay for.  But this is not to say that you won’t be able to enjoy discounts on car insurance rates.  If you have a good driving record then you are entitled to a lower car insurance premium. Most car insurers give discounted premiums on drivers without a ticket or claim.

If you have a teenager son, don’t even think of adding him to your policy. Car insurance companies are notorious for charging skyrocketing charges on teenage drivers. You will surely struggle with higher insurance rates if you let your teenager drive your Corvette.  You can also ask the insurance company for a discount for low mileage driving, especially if you don’t plan to bring the Corvette on long trips.


In case you were shocked to hear reply to your question ‘how much is car insurance on a Corvette’ then you might want to use a deductible to bring down the costs. Paying anywhere from $250 to $500 in deductibles can reduce your overall premiums.

Another proven way of reducing car insurance quotes on your car is to join a group of Corvette owners or even luxury car owners. Some insurance firms give discounts to members of these groups since they have a reputation of taking good care of their cars.

Corvette car insurance rates are steep but you can always find the policy with the most reasonable charge by asking for quotes from multiple companies. Once you have compared and determined the car insurer with the lowest quote, approach its agent and ask for further discounts by showing your squeaky-clean driving record or good credit score.

The bottom line is that you won’t get cheap quotes from car insurers when you ask them how much is car insurance on a Corvette. But you can get discounts if you can prove that you are a prudent and responsible motorist.

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