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How Much is Car Insurance in Florida?

If you reside in Florida and you just bought a car, one of the first questions you’ll have in mind would be ‘how much is car insurance in Florida?’ The answer to this question would differ depending on the car insurer, the type of vehicle you want to be insured, and coverage types.  You can have a better idea of car insurance rates in Florida by knowing the minimum insurance coverage as well as the additional common additional coverage you can purchase in the state.

Minimum Coverage

The minimum coverage for personal injury protection (PIP) in Florida is $10,000. PIP provides coverage for you, members of your household, and certain passengers without PIP insurance in case of a crash, regardless of who is at fault.

Meanwhile, $10,00 is also the minimum coverage for property damage liability (PDL). This pays for any damages that you or any member of your household caused to the properties of other people due to a vehicle accident.

Although the minimum coverage mandated by the state of Florida is relatively affordable, you should realize that it also has its drawbacks. The amount may not suffice for costly repairs to your car, or shoulder the medical bills of a person that was injured due to a car crash. Thus it is a common practice for drivers in Florida to add more coverage than what the state requires. So the answer to your question how much is car insurance in Florida would again depend on the additional coverage you might want to purchase.

how much is car insurance florida

Additional Coverage

One of the most commonly-purchased additional coverage by Florida vehicle owners is the bodily injury liability (BIL) insurance. This would pay for expenses related to the death or injury of a driver or pedestrian in an accident where you were at fault. This would cover for medical expenses or funeral costs.

The other coverage that you may want to get is the physical damage coverage insurance. This would pay for the repairs on your car in case it gets damaged due to an accident.

If you are interested to know how much is car insurance in Florida, you should ask quotes from several car insurers in the state. This will not only give you an idea how much you’ll pay but also allow you to get the cheapest fees.

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