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How Much is Car Insurance in America?

How Much is Car Insurance in America?

Are you a first-time car owner in America? You may be excited in getting your first car in American soil, but be prepared to pay pretty high insurance premiums for your new vehicle. ‘How much is car insurance in America?’ you might ask. The answer actually depends on different factors like the state you are in, the car you drive, the frequency of driving, and your driving record.

Car type

Car insurers employ a method wherein they categorize vehicles according to the frequency in which they figure in accidents. Cars that often get involved in crashes are labeled as high-risks and are charged with higher insurance rates. Usually, sedans with less powerful engines are considered low risk and qualify for car insurance discounts. Meanwhile sports cars are deemed as high risk.

Frequency of Driving

The frequency of driving can also affect your insurance rates. If you use your car for business purposes then expect to pay higher premiums. For most car insurers, the more miles that a driver drives in a year, the higher his or her risks of figuring in an accident regardless of how good or capable the driver is.



The answer to your question ‘how much is car insurance in America?’ also depends on the state where you are in. States like Louisiana, Michigan, Georgia, Oklahoma and Montana are notorious for having high car insurance premiums.  Likewise, motorists who live in urban areas where car theft cases are low enjoy lower insurance rates.

Driving Record

Finally, your driving record will also have an effect on your car insurance rate. If you have a squeaky clean driving history meaning you have not incurred any traffic violation, then expect to get a very low car insurance premium.  But if you have been involved in accidents before, the car insurer will find out about this and charge you high rates.  Even if you have a good driving record, don’t be complacent. Stay vigilant and continue driving defensively.

There is no definite answer to the question ‘how much is car insurance in America.’ The rates will vary depending on these aforementioned factors.

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