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Car Insurance rates in USA for Teenagers, students and teachers

There are several different rates and prices amongst the insurance premium market which vary on many different factors other than the vehicle itself. We will cover a few of the insurance rates amongst those in the educational sector as this may apply to a vast amount of those requiring motor vehicle insurance.


Teenagers have one of the highest insurance premium costs attached to them in the United States. Adding a teenage driver to a household policy can almost double the price of the premium, as it is believed that this reflects the risk of a claim or accident involving teenage drivers. It is believed that the risk of a driver under the age of twenty being involved in an accident is almost three times as likely as a driver over the age of twenty. Also within the increased rates for teenage drivers, males will be expected to be even more than female drivers. Adding a teen driver can add as much as 116% to a household insurance premium. One of the few ways you can reduce the cost of insurance premiums for teenage drivers is to shop around and compare prices at different times. If you visit you will be able to get the cheapest rates within your state.



Students also have high insurance premium costs attached to them as they may be under similar circumstances as teenage drivers. However some college students will be presented with a different situation, as they may have previously been on a household insurance policy with parents and have to consider whether they stay on their parent’s policy or begin their own policy.  Generally, remaining on the parents’ policy usually resorts to cheaper overall insurance premiums. This is due to parents having established credit ratings which makes them eligible for better tiers of rating and also may be eligible for multicar policies. Also on a parent’s insurance policy, if the student is several hundred miles away from the car they may be eligible for away from home discounts as the student will not have access to the vehicle while they are away studying..



Teachers tend to have a reduced rate of insurance premium as they are believed to be some of the most dedicated and hardworking people amongst the United States of America as they provide the foundations and support to help develop young minds to become the future of the United States of America. Many insurers offer a variety of extra additional benefits for teachers such as having a zero deductibles amount, personal property cover for teaching equipment and also large discounts in the insurance premium price itself. Many of these additional benefits can be viewed and considered if you select state above and you will be able to find the best rates as a tutor in your state.

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